Growing the Church

Talking this week to a good friend of mine about LifeSpring made me start thinking about church growth. This month is my first year anniversary at LifeSpring. I’ll be quite frank. It wasn’t what I expected.

I knew of course that ministry would be difficult. But the first year was painful! There were so many things I went through–the personal disappointments and the hurts–that it is nothing short of a miracle that I didn’t simply give up and leave. About nine months into the ministry I was so discouraged that I considered leaving; that perhaps someone else could do a better job of it than me. But time after time I drew strength from God. And so I can only thank Him for seeing me through; and not just surviving, but coming out of it with a renewed sense of passion and joy because I see that God is right here working in our midst.

Every minister wants his or her church to grow. If they don’t, why are they in ministry? For that matter, why go into business? Why do you open a restaurant? (more…)