Katniss, Peeta, Media Imagery, and the Underlying Stories We Tell Each Other

Just finished reading the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I haven’t watched the movie yet because I thought it might be best to read the books first, which were very well written, by the way … entertaining, and thought provoking at times … but definitely written for teenagers. Ever since my days as a youth pastor I’ve always thought it best to at least be acquainted with the stuff of youth culture. Which has the added benefit of keeping me young in mind!

This is not a book review. Rather, I would like to make some comments about what I perceive to be cultural and aesthetic questions that came to me from reading the trilogy and then inquire theologically about them. I did some internet reading and found many comments, observations, and criticisms about its portrayal of an “Amazon” feminist archetype.

Do the books advocate a positive militant feminism? Is Suzanne Collins a feminist? Is feminism being pushed down the throats of gullible teenagers? Will it bring an unrealistic expectation of what it is to be female in the already pressure-filled world of teenage angst? (more…)