Designer Faith

USA Today just reported recently on their blog site that more Americans are tailoring their religion to fit their needs. This was based on George Barna’s research on which I posted an earlier blog.

It doesn’t surprise me at all in this postmodern, fragmented culture.

Professional “church” leadership such as me could lament the good ole days when the pastor was revered and the church was held in high esteem by society. But, to be honest, there’s no lament from me! There’s no rejoicing either. Just cold, hard reality. This is a consequence of reformation ideals. We protest, we diversify, we democratize, we rail against the system, and we split up. I am a consummate Protestant!

It is the reality of the priesthood of all believers. (more…)


The Barna Group – Barna Examines Trends in 14 Religious Factors over 20 Years 1991 to 2011

The Barna Group – Barna Examines Trends in 14 Religious Factors over 20 Years 1991 to 2011.

Some of Barna’s findings affecting the State of the Church, 2011:

  • Bible reading undertaken during the course of a typical week, other than passages read while attending church events, has declined by five percentage points. Currently an estimated 40% of adults read the Bible during a typical week.
  • Church volunteerism has dropped by eight percentage points since 1991. Presently, slightly less than one out of every five adults (19%) donates some of their time in a typical week to serving at a church.
  • Adult Sunday school attendance has also diminished by eight percentage points over the past two decades. On any given Sunday, about 15% of adults can be expected to show up in a Sunday school class. (more…)